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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the difference between OSL classes and 1-1?
    1-1 gives you the flexibility to lead someone through an OSL Level using the same materials but at any time and in any place.

  2. Is there a cost associated with the online class?
    No, there is no cost.

  3. How long and often should I expect to meet with my student
    Once a week preferably same day each week and for about 1 hour

  4. What will the face to face time be for?
    Building relationship with your student, sharing what you're learning and they are learning from the teachings and their bible reading, also checking their memory verses, notes and anything that needs to be turned in.

  5. What should I do if the student is not making progress?
    As the coach, your role includes that of cheer leader to the student, encouraging and speaking life into their discipleship. However, if a student is consistently not progressing in keeping the disciplines of disciples such as reading, journal, watching in-class teachings, it’s for the best interest of the student to drop the class and re-take it later when they are more prepared. Please consult your level leader for help in navigating this situation


  6. How will the student access the materials online?
    You as the coach will walk them through on how to access the teachings online at You will receive instructions through email from the OSL team as soon as you have set a start date.

  7. Will I be able to listen to the teachings even though am not taking the class?
    Yes, you can access the content at

  8. In case of problems whom should I contact, what support do I have?
    You have a level leader for the level your student is taking, they will be your support system. Also, OSL leaders at The Rock Kalamazoo are more than happy to support you.

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